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We need two pieces to come out on top here.

Shortness of Breath

An impressive thing, to have hope
when nothing comes your way,
when you live in fear of tomorrow and
what it might bring. We can’t understand how
the wings are attached to an angel’s back,
so we catch butterflies and destroy beauty.
Sentience has its downfalls, said the inanimate object.

read army

fishes die on my notebooks.
from lack of water
overused rhymes
lack of depth
imaginary lines
oblivious repetition.
blowing air bubbles
reciting recycled poems
drinking vodka
wearing school uniforms

“this is not an ocean.
this is not a closet.
it’s a page filling competition.”

Silent Advocate

I leave my body vacant...
No one knows,
No one cares

My eyes display a "For Rent" sign
Someone is bound to look inside
But It's been twenty years
and cobwebs is all I have left to show

I guess my space is trivial

My existance...
will never be rememerable

Grandma and Jesus, sittin' in a tree

Grandma, she's robbing the religious cradle,
scooping up Jesus with pheromone ladles.
She's seducing Christ
with curls in permed hair;
Gonna steal his blamelessness
wrinkled legs in the air.

Then she'll black mail the Lord,
hold his image at ransom
'til he finally caves in and moans,
welcome to heaven...

Steel Me

Steel me, and my heart of coal.
The fuel, it burns, but still it's so cold.
Nerves of steel but I can't feel;
I'm just a machine.

Dispose of me, just set me free,
A pile of lead and mercury,
A poison to your well-being,
I'm the cure to your misery.