i bought 3 NOS 12AT7s off of ebay for like $15. i didnt really need them but i figured i could get a good deal for of them.

anyway, i got them in the mail a few days ago, and last night decided to play around with them in my HRD.

first i just put AT7s in V1 and V2, and left the AX7 in the Phase inverter.
it was cool, it sounded exactly like it did before except much quieter. I knew it would be quieter, but i did not expect it to be this much of a difference. So, if anyone wants to make there amp quiter for bedroom pracice, try this. (although you will likely not be able to overdrive your amp with these lower gain tubes.)

I then tried 12AX7 in V1, 12AT7 in V2, and 12AX7 in the phase inverter.
this brought back much of the volume, and the clean tone remained farily unchanged. But whats really cool is whenever you have a lower gain tube in V2, it really makes your distortion channel sound nice. You lose the ability to go very distorted, (although if you want alot of distortion you shouldn't have bought this amp) but what your left with is this
slighter overdriven warm bluesy sound, its really cool. and when you hit the more drive button, you get great classic rock OD.

it was getting late so i stop playing around, i still need to try replacing the phase inverter
and a few other things, my roommate is asleep now, so i wont be trying anything else for awhile. and also i didnt notice these NOS tubes being much better than high quality modern tubes, i wouldnt buy NOS tubes if i didnt get a good deal on them.

has anyone else tried lower gain tubes in there amps? and is there a magic combination of tubes that i should try?
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I ran a 12AT7 in V2 of my Bugera for a while, and liked it. But I swapped for a 12DW7 for a little less gain cut

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Try a balanced 5751 in the phase inverter, I use a NOS Jan Phillips (20 bucks, tubedepot.com) and I love the clarity it brings.

All positions in my amp have NOS Jan Phillips

V1: 12AT7
V2: 12AU7
V3(FX LOOP) 5751

AT7 and AU7 are probably way too low for a fender, but seeing as my amp has gobs and gobs of gain, this combo works very well for me.
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