Finally managed to get a girlfriend. I'm 17, almost 18 and she's 15 and a half.

So I met this girl after she moved here, and she was in my study hall at the end of the day. I got her to go out for cross country, but only if I got my little sister to go out. (they're both freshman, and I'm a senior) She's really mature.

So now, my retarded little sister tattle-tales on me all the time if we start holding hands or anything. Her parents are ridiculously strict and won't let her date until she's 17. They kind of suspect we're dating, but we haven't gotten the chance to go anywhere, really. Last night, I got home, and my sister started telling my parents about how we were laying on each other and stuff in the back of the bus for cross country. Then, they started lecturing me, not about pregnancy, but about getting caught for rape or something. They told me, "I think it's against the law for you to do anything with her, and then, when you turn 18, you're really going to be in trouble.." I'm in Iowa, it's completely legal, I think. I didn't say that, because I didn't want to sound like I researched the whole thing. Then again, somebody said that once I turn 18, her parents can sue me anyway?

Another thing is that she keeps trying to make me feel jealous. Like, she goes up to guys and starts hugging them and stuff, and then looks at me expectantly, like I'm going to try to punch them out or something? I guess she's probably just bored and seeking attention. What a *****.

What should I do? Anybody have solutions to any of these problems?

Should I try to get laid before it becomes illegal when I'm 18?

I would put this in the relationship thread, but it has more to do with the rape laws and trying to get my little sister to stop tattle-taling on me than just our relationship.
ONLY Relationship Thread
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Quote by geetarguy13
Finally managed to get a girlfriend. I'm 17, almost 18 and she's 15 and a half.

So I met this girl

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