Hi guys, I'm new here and am not sure how everything works, but I figured I would take a try at showing people my friend and I's music. We're just two friends playing acoustic music and we know not everyone is into the whole acoustic music scene, and we respect that. We also respect if you don't like it, and we will definitely take constructive criticism, but please do not say anything disrespectful.

The recording isn't spot on, but it's decent for two teenagers with a couple hundred dollars worth of equipment. We would greatly appreciate any opinions on our music.

Here's the URL: www.myspace.com/afieldwithoutafence
(if the link doesn't work, just copy and paste)
(Myspace music is messing up, so the play counts aren't right, so please disregard that.)

We would love to read about what you think. So please leave some replies if you took the time to listen! Thanks you so much!

Well, it's not BAD.

I'm huge on acoustic pop music, but not like this lol. This is more early Spill Canvas kind of thing... it's not bad for what it is, it's just really not my thing.

On the critical side, the harmonies are pretty rough. In the future you might wanna tighten those up.
Keep on rockin!
We thought we lost you;
Welcome back.
Haha, thanks man. I get what you're saying.
And yeah, we just drank about 2 bottles of Jones Cream Soda each when we recorded the live one. And the demo is just that, a demo, haha.
I understand, and thanks for the criticism, it's just what we need!