Feelin’ the Blues

12 Bar Blues in A.
Between Every Line of the Verse, Play a Blues Lick

(Verse 1)
Well now, my baby left me for a life on the road
Well now lord, I said my girl left me for life on the road
She packed up her things one night,
Said she didn’t want another fight.
So she packed up her things
And left for the road.

(Verse 2)
Well now, my daddy just died
Oh mamma, how she cried
And now lord I had to take my daddy
Took him outside
And I buried him
Buried my daddy on the side of the road.

(Chorus 1)
Well I ain’t got no home
Ain’t got no red house,
Ain’t got no woman to call my spouse,
All I got is my guitar,
And it’s helped me so far.
Guess I’ll have to sing the blues, and wait for a shootin’ star.

(Guitar Solo)

(Verse 3)
I make my way down the road tonight,
And even now, I ain’t feeling alright.
Lord I got my guitar on my back
And I ain’t ever traveled this far,
I got nowhere to turn to,
Got nowhere to go.

(Chorus 2)
Well my mojo ain’t working,
And I ain’t no hoochie coochie man
Lord I’m going down the crossroads,
Without even a plan
Well I sit here prayin’
Prayin’ for my soul,
Well I sit here playin,
Feelin’ the blues

(Guitar Solo)
At first it seems kinda repetitive and long. However, on second thoughts, considering its a blues song (im trying to imagine it with licks and stuff here), it seems pretty neat, and kinda gels together eventually.

The theme isn't new, so no kudos on that. The first couple of lines in the second chorus just dont seem to work for me.
However, it does have potential. Try changing the lines where there is excessive repetition, and with good guitars, and an amazing voice, you've got yourself a pretty nice blues song.

Crit mine if you can:
It's a bit cliche, if you ask me, but if you can pull it off, and make it swing, it'd work.

Seems alright to me I guess, but like imgooley said it's quite cliche. I mean really there are tons of blues songs like this. It works just fine, but it just doesn't bring anything new to the table at all.
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Ya kinda repetative but alot of great blues songs are,thats the blues style.The lyrics are definately bluesy,nice job
...verse 1, last line....."And left for the road"........maybe try....."And left, aidios" i know i didnt spell that right but since you used road earlier in the verse.....just a thought.......
thx for the crit on "A Little Prayer."
Personally, I think for a blues song it's pretty decent. As already mentioned, there isn't anything in this song that stands out, but alot of times, blues is very heavily focused on instrumental things

I mean, SRV's Lenny is instrumental, and is a wonderful tune. And One of my favorites, SRV's Mary had a little lamb...well, I mean, come on there are words, but the emphasis is defintely on the instruments.

As for specific criticisms of the piece, I would point out the 2nd Verse, and the 2nd chorus.

Reading the 3rd - 5th lines was unnatural. They didn't fit well together in my opinion. Also, I felt that the last chorus was a little too cliche.

But like I said, in my opinion, it's the instruments that will make this song shine.

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