Here's what I'm looking for:

- Tube combo (obviously)
- Bright cleans
- At least somewhat decent overdrive (I will be playing with a variety of pedals, however, so this may be irrelevant)
- Loud enough for small/medium-sized gigs, but no so loud that I can't just jam in my bedroom with it
- Under $1000

I've already given decent consideration to the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Hot Rod Deville, and Vox AC15CC1, as well as a number of others, but I'm open to any suggestions. In case if anyone wants to know, I use a Fender Jazzmaster, and mostly play indie rock and alternative rock (Modest Mouse, Bloc Party, Radiohead, Pixies, Built to Spill, stuff along those lines). Go.
I'd go with the Vox, but thats mostly becuase i'm biased against Fender amps.
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To me you already seem to be on the right track with fender^^
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the finders and the vox should fit your needs, fenders have great cleans from what i here
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Used Fender Super Reverb.

I actually never considered that. That sounds like a really good idea.
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Used Fender Super Reverb.

This is exactly what I was thinking, especially if you want your dirt from pedals.

See if you can't try a vox AC30, bit out of your budget, but you could probably find one used. It'll give you a british contrast to test against the american fender. I liked it better than the AC15.
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Used Fender Super Reverb.

How about used Bassman 50+C30 or V33 head+a 2x12?

Bassman for teh cleans and C30 or V33 for the dirt.
Motha****in' Peavey Windsor Studio.

15w of British fury! It's constructed of 100% concentrated rage! It's like having sex with a tractor trailer in a parking lot!
Too loud for you, you dumb pussy? How about a motha****in' POWER SPONGE? Dissipate excess tube energy as heat without sacrificing your tone!

In short, I have one, and it's awesome. Only gripe is that it's a single channel, but there are high-and low-gain inputs for your dirty and clean, respectively.
I've seen some Fender Twin Reverb reissues going on eBay for pretty cheap, less than a thousand bucks, at least. I've heard a lot of great things about these.

At 85 watts though, would it be too loud for what I need?
I believe gregs said it best:

In the beginning, man could not play guitar, it was too loud. Then god gave us the volume knob and all was well.
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I saw a Twin Reverb at a local pawnshop for 200 a couple months back...I wish I had the cash to buy it just so I could sell it for the profit.
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


anything could be a bedroom amp, but a high wattage tube amp at a low volume isn't going to sound good, it'll be low volume enough though.

I say Deville though. Coulden't ask for a better amp.
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Yeah, I'm starting to think that might be my best option.
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Yes you could. I loved my deluxe but that line of amps has high volume issues with tube rattle and such. If you can fine a super or a twin for not much more it's a better sounding better designed amp.
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