I recently got given a Squier Strat, and i was thinking of moding it.
I was thinking; New pick-ups
New machine heads
New neck?

I play mostly blues-rock music
So what stuff could you recommand me???
I'm not sure about budget at the moment, as i have to see how much money i'll have

Thanks in advanced

best way to mod a squier strat: new pickups, wiring, tuners, neck, and body.
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Well if it isn't one of the crappy plywood ones you don't HAVE to replace the body. I'm going to be doing the same thing with the Affinity Strat I'm getting. It has an alder body, so in the wood department I'll be ok. Everything else is going though.

As far as what to replace you have it about right.
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check out Seymour Duncan pups and change the bridge before anything else
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thanks for the feedback so far, does anyone know any specific parts though, and could pssible show me some links, as i have no idea lol!
if you have no idea, is it then a good idea to replace anything?
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i'd get my music teacher to do the labour, i meant in the context of not any good parts lol
I'd change the bridge, nut, tuners, and pickups (along with the rest of the electronics)

But yeah, I definately wouldn't change the neck. I actually really like the one on my squier..