What arpeggios did Eric Johnson use in there? (more like in the intro)

I'm really messing with my head right now, this guy seems like a pro to do arpeggios licks seriously. But how did he construct them? I mean it sounds so melodic.
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One thing Eric Johnson does with his arpegios is makes them very wide. That is to say, he spreads the arpegio out over two or three octaves. For example, some of the COD arpegios have the root and 5th in one octave, then the 3rd in another octave. This is a trademark of EJ's playing.
they are called open voiced triads based on the drop 2 and drop three formula

if you stack chords on the stave some when technicly written are impossible to finger

playing a maj7 chord on the d,g,b,e strings...easy right, now move each note up to the next chord tone, not to difficult, now try the last two inversions....good luck

so what you do is "drop" a note down an octave a drop 2 drops the note 2 from the top, an a drop 3 drops the third (this was the writing technique for string quartet, but once long ago a guitarist tried it)

anyway, if you really explore this idea, youll find all of your familiar chord shapes

eric just does this with triads, so if you have a c maj triad, C,E,G youd drop the E down an octave, giving you E,C,G


now if you try this with all the inversions of the c triad youl find some of erics other shapes
I gotta start playing this.... the tab is way too confusing
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do learn it, its fantastic for learning to pick an phrase an sequence pentatonics adding the 9 in groups of 5