Hey everyone...solo musician from Dallas area seeking opinions on songs and the production quality. I recorded all this in my bedroom and I wanna know what everyone thinks.

Check out my profile for the mp3s.

In all seriousness, those were some of the best tunes i've heard on here in a while. I don't usually post on stuff like this but i had a listen and man, if you can get somebody who can provide some good vocals for them then you've got tracks that i definitely think people would pay to listen to.

If you don't mind me asking, what was your recording setup?

The tone on everything was outstanding. Especially the bass on the first song. Wow.
I'm going to go back and listen again for sure. so....uhh.... Whens the CD coming out?
Any plans for Vocals?

Dude, Amazing work. I agree with Mass Extinction in saying this is the best I have heard in a while on UG.