I've been playing for about a year now, and I think I need to replace my crappy starter amp. I play classic rock mainly, along with some alternative and indie. I figure I'll be wanting to keep this amp for a while, so it needs to be large enough to play small to medium sized gigs. Could anyone suggest me an amp that does all this, but costs less than $600?
Traynor YCV50 blue
Peavey Classic 30
Peavey Delta blues
Fender hot rod deluxe with OD pedal
Mesa f and dc series
Used fender super reverb or deluxe reverb with a dirt pedal in front
Maybe a JCM800 if you get lucky.
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I like my Peavy Bandit 112, it's 80 watts, about 400$ CDN (depending on where you buy it, I actually bought mine for ~350 but an extra 40 for a footswitch).
you can get alot of great tones, from a hard rock/metal distortion to a light alternative tone.
it sounds best through any guitar with EMG's.
Traynor YCV50s i think are under that. Otherwise, I say go Valveking. Or, if you can mic it at gigs, try a Vox AC15CC1, which i think is $600 exactly.
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Thanks--I'll see if the local store has any of these and try them out.

Just so you know TS, the Mesa DC and F series are discontinued. I suggest you look on craigslist and eBay because you can find a lot of these amps used for great prices.
But any of the amps kevin suggested should work perfect.