i've recently found a new band called Skillet.. an they rock!! was just wondering coz not many ppl i no, no them so not sure how famous they are??
hey, i listen to skillet, well not a lot
i saw them in concert once and they rocked, i listen to them occasionally
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I know them, they are cool
They impressed me a lot with the song The Last Night, which I tabbed out here...
Like this skillet? cause I would say their pretty famous...
216868 thats how many friends they have on myspace, and thats a good many.
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One of the few Christian rock bands that doesn't blow incredible ass.

Skillet is decent, at least the song Whispers in the Dark anyway.
Ive heard of em, saw em once. Pretty good band, and theyve opened for Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, and some other big-name bands. They sound alot like 3 Days Grace i think, but definately heavier-sounding.
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