red LED,
Green LED,
non locking PTB (or maybe PTm, nto sure) switch

using the above for inspiration what do you say i should make onto my guitar??
If you buy a capacitor, a LM555, a small speaker, and a pot, you could make a metronome probably.
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The black ice is two SCHOTTKY diodes. I don't think regular diodes have a forward threshold low enough for an unamplified guitar signal. Si is around .7v, and schottky diodes are .3 iirc.
^^ The LED's are diodes... do you need a specific kind though?

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Well, if you hook up a 386 op-amp (with the guitar volume as the amp volume, as it'll be TOO loud to go into the preamp of an SS amp), you can use any diodes you want.
bend a keyboard?

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