Hello to all my friends!
After a long two years, I have finally finished and released my new all Guitar Instrumental Progressive Rock Album called "Mother Earth".

The idea for the album and the songs came from the problems with global
warming and the planet being destroyed by ourselves
I have no intention to preach Green Peace ideas, but I do not deny that I
am passionate about these problems. I decided to connect my art with this theme which
has to be the most important in the public space.. (I dream it). That
is how the name of the album was born.

The album is entirely composed, recorded and mixed by me.
It contains 11 songs again that are arranged thematically.

Described with several words, this is the well-known style of my music. Guitar Instrumentals with Progressive Rock touches!
I have always given meaning to the details in music, not just achieving my goals through technical matters.

You can download some of my guitar chains-patches in my web site - the sound patches section. Also Very soon I will provide backing tracks to play with.

You can purchase the CD from my web site http://nalbantov.com through Pay Pal. After a few weeks it will be available in CD Baby and Itunes

Samples at my web site http://www.nalbantov.com. There are also two full songs.

I hope you will like the music made by me!

With much respect,
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