Hi all,

My latest recording is up! It's a Steve Vai cover, one of his melodically most beautiful songs IMO: "Die To Live" from the album Alien Love Secrets..
For this record, I used my new Boss GT-8 for the tone and to simulate the whammy vibrato and bends in this song, because my Tele doesn't have a whammy bar it turned out ok though! I also mixed the guitar track with a backing track from guitarbt.com, kudos to whoever made this amazing track

The mp3 is in my profile: Steve Vai - Die To Live (mp3)
Or the YouTube video: Steve Vai - Die To Live (YouTube)

Enjoy! C4C as usual..
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wow, your covers are astounding
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This is a very good cover, very close to the original, a joy to listen to
I can't really fault it

Keep it up!
Awesome! I usually don't like music like that, but that was really good. I'm not familiar with the original, but I didn't hear any mistakes or anything (although the guitar sounded a little out of tune on a couple of the open chords). That was really cool. Thanks for the crit on mine too.
very nice, add some bass in there it'l sound more full, other than that can't really say anything about it other than good job
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It could be the Youtube compression, but i didn't really like the tone. It was a tad fizzy.

As far as the playing, it was really good.

This kind of thing isn't really my bag, but it was executed very skillfully.
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very nice, add some bass in there it'l sound more full

I didn't make the backing track myself, but it does have bass on it.. You just don't hear it very clearly on YouTube or just through pc speakers maybe, try playing it on better speakers?

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It could be the Youtube compression, but i didn't really like the tone. It was a tad fizzy.

I invested a lot of time tweaking my tone and I'm really happy with it. I've had people complimenting my tone in this song too, so maybe it is the YouTube compression? Well, it's just a matter of preference anyway, I like my tone with a lot of distortion to make it more solid and powerful, but not too much, otherwise it would sound sharp and edgy.. or "fizzy" like you say. I don't think it is though, but that's just my opinion. Try checking out the mp3 in my profile instead, and do it justice and play it through decent stereo speakers to fully judge the tone..

Anybody have any thoughs about this?

Anyways, thanks for the crits and keep on critting!

Thanks for the crit. Amazing cover, very good playing skills. I quite liked the tone, maybe a tad fuzzy but clean enough. Overall it's very close to the original and I enjoyed it very much. Well done.
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Not big into Steve Vai but your playing seems very good. Very tight and clear.

Solo - You have it pretty nailed, just gotta polish off those few little notes and it will be perfect!

Good job!
Excellent tone, technically well played!

Some nitpicking:

Be harsher on your vibrato and bends. Sometimes it sounded like you were slacking off.

The way you sit, and position the guitar on your lap, looks like an obstacle. Sit up straight! It will improve your overall playing!

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Great playing and tone. I love the guitar too, been wanting one of them for ages. I agree with ^ try sitting up a little straighter. The solo tone is great. Sounds perfect. I haven't really gotten into Steve Vai, but this really makes me want to.

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