I need to become familiar with my 6 stringer...I am having trouble with a little bit of every thing especialy with struming different strings and getting a feel for my frets...I wanna learn but don't know what routes to takes...I am up for suggestions, excercises, and advice....I have given up on trying to jump right into songs....need to and want to learn the correct way....
I'm quite new to guitar too, but I'd suggest trying this (You can read tab, right?):

and then backwards
It helps with speed and accuracy

Then try playing scales, and keep trying to play them faster each time you play them. It helps with accuracy, keeping a rythm and tremolo picking (if you get that fast) and maybe you could try it with hammer ons too. Also it'll mean you know a scale, which is great for theory. But still, I'm quite new too, so I know hardly anything about this stuff either.


it's a freaking goldmine of exercises.

I'm really not a fan of chromatic finger exercises, since you're hardly ever going to have to deal with that while actually playing.
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