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Any constructive criticism will be appreciated and I will be willing to crit anything in return

I don't know this song.. But you did a nice job on it! Are the vocals originally so low? Probably the original is an octave higher, but it's better to sing like this if that's too high for your voice.. Because when you sing that low, you sound like you're "talking", a little bit like Brian Molko's voice sounds sometimes.. It sounds nice in a way! You have a good voice on the "higher" notes too!
Your recording is also good, very good quality sound and tone..
So overall, a good job on this one! Very well done!

Crit my new cover please? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=966595
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I don't know this song..

...how can you not know this song?

you sang in a weird key. it was very very deep and then you sang it normal again... i dont know what you did. your voice had a nice tone in some parts but for the most it just sounded like speech.
you also have to work on your strumming.
i can tell you that working with this video helped me alot figuring out a very cool way to play it
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...how can you not know this song?

I'm VERY sorry, just not that much of a Foo Fighters fan.. Just like RHCP, they are WAY overrated.

Cheers anyway for the cover,
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I'm VERY sorry, just not that much of a Foo Fighters fan.. Just like RHCP, they are WAY overrated.

everlong is a classic, just like under the bridge is or stockholm syndrome for instance

i dont rate bands... my perception of music changes with my mood... so i love a song like hysteria from muse when im partying and the next day when im smokin a bong with my friends i just can stand bellamys high vocals... know what i mean?

i dont blame you for not knowing every foo song but someone who's into music as much as you seem to be should probably know everlong.


oh yeah... sry that i have to discuss that in your thread stjimmee.
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