Recorded this today with chainlynx
I appreciate that the quality is poor but I would like to know what you guys think of it
It's in my profile
Any constructive criticism will be appreciated and I will be willing to crit anything of yours in return
The song is nice, but the intro up until like :35 is boring.

I think after the first riff goes through (:00-:12), you should cut straight to the lead/rhythm/bass medley. Then use the chords again (:23-32) for a Verse riff. Then the fast part as a chorus, the slow chords at the end as a bridge. And 2:07-2:11 would make a nice outro riff.
The song is good, but there is one thing that is always a sticky issue for me, even on published professional CDs. That it is, you work hard to create an atmosphere in the intro and you do a great job, but IMO I think you stretch it out long. So some people with low attention spans(like me) would get tired of that feeling, and would like the song to move on. But other than that minor opinion, I think you have a great song. You could benefit from some better sound quality and quality vocals.
Nice job tho.