Hey crew,

Our band doesn't currently have a vocalist and I'm in the "f**k it I'm just gonna sing" mood so I was wondering if i were to unplug my guitar, plug in a microphone and turn on the clean channel would my singing be audible ?

The amp btw is a CUBE 30x

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Yeah, it'll work. It won't sound great, but it'll work. Bass amps are better for it though, honestly.
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I think the cube has a CD input, thatd be perfect for it, but otherwise, theres no reason that you cant just plug straight into the input, i wouldnt personally risk it on a valve amp, just because im not sure if its 100% safe, but ive done this 300000 times on an SS and its fine, as long as you dont pull some justin hawkins style falsetto the speaker should be fine.
OH YEAH THE CD INPUT !!!! **** YEAH !!! were so gonna have tons of fun now