I was Thinking About Maybe pickin' me up one, because I'm a Marsh-*****.

I'd rather hear what others think about it first, though
Woa someone who likes MG's...

I can't add anything to your thread, I don't like Marshall amps.
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They're ok.

Thats about it, just ok. If you're going to be a Marsh-*****, start playing good Marshalls.
You mean AVT's???
Better than MG's still not amazing at high volumes though. Clips quite drastically.
Love mine though, money problems restricted me to a SS.
PM me if you want to know anything else about em'

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i didnt think they were that bad
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The older Valvestates were pretty decent partially due to the fact they were actually made by Marshall. Used to own a VS100 and it was a great practice amp with spot on Marshall tone. But the new stuff is all garbage....
I've played one. The cleans were pretty decent but the drive channel sounded like fizzy garbage. Really terrible distortion.
my friends got an old one i might buy it off him instead of my dsl401. I dont know if its even a valvestate its pretty old but its a hybrid 120w 212 i think. Anyone tell me the model?
Music is the holy grail, sod wine water and the blood of jesus