hey, this is my first guitar I'm looking to buy and i am kinda swamped by everything out there. this isn't made easier by the fact that I'm lefty and a lot of guitars i would want to buy are righty. any suggestions on what to buy and why or what not to buy and why is really appreciated.

some guitars i'm looking at are:
ESP ltd ax-50
ESP ltd f-50

basically, i want to stay under $300 on the guitar.
also, any suggestions on an amp would be great too (again, under $300)
i am looking to play mostly metal, if it matters.

thanks everyone.
This is my opinion so all the other UG'ers will have to cope with the right of free speech.

Ask your guitar teacher (if u have one) for help with this because he should be able to know whats right for you not some strangers on an internet forum.

If not then I suggest you just find a cheap beginners pack. They're not expensive so if you decide to change hobbies/giveup/whatever you didnt waste much money.
well, do you want just a guitar or starter pack? i advise you get a fender starter pack. it will last you a good three years and help you build up the skills you need to play then an a class guitar. i played mine for 5 years, during that time i saved up for a gibson les paul, vox advt 30 amp, and a custom jackson. you would ahve to be patient but it pays off in the end