Hey, so basically I want a more full sound for my guitar solos and so i'm looking for a pedal or something that can help me get that, help please!
Guys such as Mark Morton and Zakk Wylde have talked about using the MXR EVH Phase 90 with the controls set low to thicken up their solos...
I personally use a Keeley modded Tube Screamer with the drive on around 2 and the level on around 8-9. I also throw in an EHX Nano-LPB with the boost level on around 3 sometimes. It thickens up nicely.
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Use an EQ with all the freqs boosted equally.
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get a zakk wylde overdrive and kick it in when u start ur solo it also will add sustain, dimebag used it for that
A boost or EQ pedal would work. Try the Boss GE-7.
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