Yeah, it's not done yet, and it's still very rough. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

Sittin' on a coffin
In the back of a tomb
And laughing away
'Cause in it lies you

Oh the tragedy
Inside our minds
And cacklin' away
'Cause we're all gonna die

Bang bang bang
Goes the gun to your head
Pulled the trigger and
Now we're both dead

(Hey!)It is a matrimony
(Oh!)We have an obituary
As the happy couple waltzes
Down The Coffin Line

(Hey!)I feel just like a monster
(Oh!)This was just SUCH a shocker!
It's all a joke for the
Faint of heart
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My favorite bands are: Nickleback, Staind, Green Day, Disturbed and many more. I also like Songs that are being used in the WWE.

So gimme a shout out! im really looking for a Guitar Buddy