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99 12%
356 42%
400 47%
Voters: 855.
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Medium. I steal the red Guitar Center picks as well as their Fender picks. The ones they have for people to use whilst trying out guitars.
Rock/hard-rock/metal/poppunk - Dunlop Jazz III's red

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dunlop jazz 3...metal
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Jim Dunlop Tortex, 0.80mm with the words "Search Bar, This Has Been Done Before" accross it.
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Best picks ever
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1.14 Gators FTW

I play a pretty wide range. Rock, metal, blues, funk, etc.
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Dunlop nylon 1mm. Mostly play metal.

same as this dude
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Dunlop Jazz III



Best picks ever
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Dadi Classic Triangle Picks 0.70-1.20mm

Dont mind the thickness, but prefer thicker ones when available.

Ibanez Iceman IC400.

And Daron Malakians custom triangle pick.

Thats all you need to know.
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dunlop tortex .60's. they are the best. i play blues and rock


I love dunlop tortex 60s

Though Im out of them atm
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These on bass.

Those on acoustic.
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Dunlop Tortex 1mm
& Gibson 1mm

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yellow dunlop tortex shark fin thingy, the size has rubbed off, i play muse throught to rammstein and nightwish, but generally i use
Dunlop 2mm, tis purple.
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I dont like the gator ones, they wear down like you were playing with chalk =/ grip is quite good though. Ima have to try some others but the Jazz III's are pretty pwn, maybe the ultex (sp?) ones?
"If you want beef, then bring the ruckus." - Marilyn Monroe
I prefer 3.0mm for leads but I'm mostly a rhythm player so I use these:

I dont like the gator ones, they wear down like you were playing with chalk =/ grip is quite good though.

I agree they do wear down pretty easy... that's why I change pics fairly often. Problem solved and unmatched grip/playability while they last imo.
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