I want to start to learn Megadeth songs, but they all seem so long and complicated, and i'll learn them maybe tomorrow or something, but I'm feeling kind of lazy right now, and I dont want to have to read a 20 page tab, so what are some short, yet very difficult megadeth songs?
Skin O' My Teeth
Poison was the cure
Wake Up Dead
Angry Again
Almost Honest

those arent too long

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We've drained full confession booths, polluted drinking wells with our repentances, and then stood grinning with our arms around the shoulder of a rotting child.

If you resist change, you will be here forever.
The solo in Tornado Of Souls is a pain though.

Try everything said above including:
-Angry Again.
-This Was My Life.

This Was My Life is pretty easy, and the solo is all on the high e if I remember correctly.
Holy Wars
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^ holy wars is long

back in the day
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^ holy wars is long

back in the day

Holy wars is like 2 minutes long..

Im mean just the holy wars part not the punishment due part. :P
I came here to drink milk and kick ass.

... And I've just finished my milk.
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The Four Horsemen?

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Mustaine wrote it before, so it's his song.

Train of Consequences is short.
Symphony of Destruction is really basic and simple.

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A Tout Le Monde! it's insanely easy and not that long (4 min)
And im talking about the original with Friedman!
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