So I've pretty much lost all my nice shred lines, because I hardly shred anymore, and now I guess i'm starting to get into it again, not like rusty cooley shred but like guthrie govan petrucci style shred, because I can't stand my simple 3 note per string (gilbert style shred, no offence or anything hehe).. Anyways I know tons of shredders but I'm looking for some like guitar pro tabs that have really cool shred lines/phrases.. thanks alot!
Check out anything from Jeff Loomis. Lots of weird sweep patterns and economy picking runs.
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try making ur own?

No seriously, take like I dunno maybe a jazz phrase or something and add in a cool rhythm or some other notes. Or take some away.

What petrucci and govan do have alot to do with jazz in some way. With alot of outer scalar and modal notes.

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Who's Andy Timmons??
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Thanks guys, not a fan of Jeff Loomis, and i'm checking out Magnus Karlsson right now. I like the band too. and darrenxx haha well yeh i guess i could make my own, but its too hard because muscle memorization kind of comes i nplace. Yeh the passing tones chromatic stuff is cool too..
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Holdsworth – "neat"? Fiendish and downright evil, more like. How he manages to switch so leisurely between inside and outside playing is beyond me (and, from what I've heard over time, every other guitarist alive). One moment he's playing a cute lil ditty that makes you think "yeah, that's the kind of jazz I can live with!", and the next moment he's suddenly it switched it up to whole tone/diminished/augmented and you think "wtf was THAT?!"

Hard Hat Area being a suitable example.
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look at some cacophony stuff, marty friedman and jason becker have awsome lead lines .

+1 I was going to say Friedman just because I'm learning Tornado of Souls

Jason Becker is an amazing player, Shawn Lane is worth a look he had some incredible stuff.
Holdsy, Lane, Guthrie, Vai... That's who interests me, really. Dave Wiener's a killer player, as is Eric Johnson. Marty Friedman, obviously...

That's about it for my memory atm.
Hah nice choices free, I can't stand Dave though hehe.. But anyways thanks alot guys
there are alot satch, steve morse, eric johnson, dweezil zappa, al di meola,andy timmons, paulo gilberto.