Where is a good site for it?

I play 12 gauge electric strings (with a G string that's NOT wound). Anyone know a brand that carries these?

I like thick dunlop vinyll picks...at LEAST 1 mm (I wanna try 1.5 or 2 though). Any one know a site?

I hate driving 30 minutes all the way to guitar center just to get new strings and picks. I break strings and lose picks like crazy. Anyone know a good site?
Nope. None at all.
I got most of my strings on ebay. there's a lot of music stores on ebay, usually a little cheaper than stores, even with postage.

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I only buy strings or picks online when my local shop doesn't have them. (Which is pretty often considering I live in a small town)

I just use musiciansfriend.com... they've always been pretty reliable.
Ernie Ball Not Even Slinkies are .12's with a non-wound G. The only site I know for strings is something like www.juststrings.com...
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