So this is my first posted song. Its been in the works for a couple weeks and I'm happy with the end result. My goal was to make a dark prog-rock song without the lame, un-needed time shifts and excruciating song lengths that I find all to common in prog music. The song has splashes of jazz and metal so keep that in mind, its meant to be fairly linear and also short(only 3:35). I'm not a drummer so the drums need a bit of work and I'm not completely happy with parts of the solo.

As always c4c if you want, but not until tomorrow.

I recommend listing to the midi because the outro sounds much better that way.
Layers Of Infection.zip
thanks for the crit on mine

wow, this was really good
the intro is a bit creepy, but somehow its not... (i dunno hard to explain)
it reminded me a lot of Camel

i didn't see a problem with the drums, sure they could be more original, but they fit well enough, and don't take anything away from the song

the bass was incredible, enough said

the guitar parts were really interesting, and fit together very well

i love the fade out in the outro

all in all, excellent work, i really wouldn't change much at all
Great song.

Loved the opening melody/riff.

Everything seems to be repeated just enough to really stick, but not so long as to become repetitive or boring in anyway.

Bars 9-12 were a little weird though. That open G you keep hitting at the end of each bar just sounds bad to my ears.

Loved your chord/arpeggio choices throughout the song, I thought the drums were fine. The outro is really strong.

The solo is really the only weak spot. It really needs a lot of work, I just didn't feel like it did the rest of the song any justice, and it didn't do a whole lot to stand apart from the melodies of the song. I think aside from bars 27-28 (which were really good) you need to pretty much rewrite the whole thing.

Still, as I said, really great song, and it's refreshing to know that someone can actually write a prog song without resorting to constant time changes.

If you're up to C4C, my stuff is linked in my sig.
Right, first of all, this isn't what I normally listen to, so with that I take this with a pinch of salt in the fact it may sound weird to me.

First of all, I like the beginning, the first 2 repeated bars, it's kinda weird but good at the same time. The next 2 repeated bars seemed iffy to me, the lead sounds wierd. I think its the 9/8 bit that sounds weird to me but meh.
The little G# run at the end of that was really well done though.

The acoustic section is really nice, I think the drums spoiled it slightly though. The solo does need work, it could be alot better, but as of now there isn't anything specifically wrong with it, it could just be better.

The section that stands out to me is the outro. I love it. I can imagine it being backed up by an epic orchestra, but that's just my mind going into overdrive

Overall, good song I like it. 8/10

C4C, song in my sig.

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