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Unfortunatly I submitted a thread earlier all typed up and nice, but forgot to log in so lost it. So here's a break-down. :P

I recently bought a Chrome Badass II bass bridge for my Fender Aerodyne™ Jazz Bass®. It was the last Badass II they had so I bought it using my $25 USD promo card and some cash. Originally I was going to exchange it when they get a new shipment with either a Black or Nickle version. However this is where my question sparks. Is there a difference in sound between bridge finishes/materials? Or is it all just for looks?

Which of these three would sound or looks best in that case in YOUR opinion? The Nickle, Chrome, or Black? It will be going on a black bass if you have not seen an Aerodyne before. However the hardware is SMOKED Chrome and I would like to get it as close as possible to match. I play a lot of Mars Volta style of music (real fast, fat, and punchy) and play on D'Addario nickle round wound reg. top/med bottom .045 - .105.

Or could I even smoke the chrome bridge I have? If so, how would I go about doing this?

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i highly doubt that there will be a difference in tone due to the finish of the bridge and personally, its just for looks.

personally, i would just get a black bridge to go with the bass.
The Finish is just for looks.

i was pretty sure they make a black model badass2. but incase they dont i would stick with the chrome. the nickel will look too dull for a bass like the aerogdyne. and the chrome would be the easyest to clean and avoid permanent fingerprints.
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IMO black hardware is a MUST on a bass guitar, i dont know whats going on with all the newest basses having chrome/smoked chrome it gets all fingerprinted up and if you dont get those oils off it tarnishes. i drool when i see something new with black or gold, though gold tough to take care of, more worthwhile than chrome hardware...just .02
stick with what you have, it's not worth the hassle, and will look cool either way. it's Aerodyne, trust me, it already has major awesomes in the look. and it won't touch your sound.
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Hmm, well I called Gutair center today to ask if it's okay to take it out of the packaging. He said it was kool, and that he can just shrink-wrap it when I return it. So I mounted it and it looks, well - badass. :P

However it does stick out quite a bit. It matches the volume/tone knobs but that's really about it (even then it's still a little bright). I may just get the black one. I'll notify you guys in my decision in about a week if you are all still interested.

Quick question though: How black is the black Badass II? It must have some shine to it right? Not that powdered black plastic look I hope.
I'd imagine its glossy black as opposed to matt
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I'd imagine its glossy black as opposed to matt

Sure is, it's a nice glossy black, TS. It should really compliment the Aerodyne well.
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