Good Lord, the Metallica thread is like the 5th thread on this page!
edit: Mertallica?
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Metallica Is The Most Bacon Band Of All Time!

Who's With Mayah?

I am extremely tempted to sig that
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this is just sarcasm though, what bacon means is hard to explain.

So is sarcasm.
bacon (or commonly know as baykhon) is a tender yet diarrhea filled strip of flesh that melts in your mouth while melting your bowels simultaneously. Its like mud but only its more like swamp sprayer.
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this is just sarcasm though, what bacon means is hard to explain.

Bacon is an adjective I made up. It simply means, so awesome it can't be described. Sort of like....bacon?

so in other words... your a wanker?
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its like a four finger, diminished thingy
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so in other words... I'm a wanker?

Yes, but you don't have to be so hard on yourself.
...Wow. Just wow.
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Rengori, I hereby name you GOD. Bow down fuckers.
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SO if Janne and Alexi did a gay porn, would I be the only one willing to buy it?

That's a dumb question, you know everyone in here would buy it too. I know I would!

Search for Artefact.
**** Metallica. Listen to Morbid Saint.
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It didn't seem possible, but apparently Messiah can spam even more now.

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I can see it now. "Dark Thrones and Black People".

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I pretty much wank something small and sleek.