pretty nice
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Wow dude congrats that's awesome. Can't say I'm partial to the body or headstock but that's why it's your guitar not mine. Really original though.
I was gonna ask how the sustain was considering it looks like you lost half the body, but then I also realized it looks like the size of two bodies, which I'm sure makes up for it, no?
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This is my latest one. .

Aside from the random cutaway on the body, I love it.
Is this a lefty? Really nice-looking, I think the "random" cutaway makes it look unique! The guitar kinda reminds me of a Gretsch White Falcon, and the headstock of a Burns Marvin. Speaking of the headstock, how'd you make it stand out like that?
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The tailpiece mounts flat on the body.The strings go through the tailpiece not the body.
Is this the same one you were doing before??
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+1. This man knows his ****.

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i dont like the cutaway, but its a very nice guitar
i also think a sunburst would have been nce, but hey, its not my guitar
Wow you remembered.Yes this is the same one I posted a few months ago.Finally had some good painting weather.
How could i forget a build like this!
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+1. This man knows his ****.

Walker Rose.
That is beautiful i would love to hear how it sounds . would look really sharp with a bigsby too . how much did the build cost . my son has been asking me about a body like that