Hey so I'm wondering what kind of speakers or cab might be good for that over-the-top hair metal sound. What did a lot of the hair metal players use? I'm getting a JCM800 2204 c. 1986/87 and would like to get good speakers next to get my sound just right. So if anyone can help it would be appreciated. I heard Vintage 30's or the Warehouse version, Veteran 30's are good, but I'm not sure if they're the best. Any opinion helps, thanks!
Eh I don't really like V30s on Marshalls except the more modern voiced ones like the DSL/TSL and JVM.

I say G12T-75s or Greenbacks.
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^+1 too. Back then msot JCM800s came with the G12M-75s, so that would be the best really.
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If you can stretch then the G12-65 Heritages are the best.
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