Evening all:

I am working on learning barre chords, been at them about two to three months now, and only recently have I developed a very scheduled and detailed practice method.

My current main issue is not placement or technique of barre chords, it's hand tension. I know I've got the strength because my hand muscles have visibly grown, and I know that perfect fingering just takes time. I'm having a real issue releasing the tension that fingering barres is causing, especially in my first finger and thumb.
Any tips of releasing tension would be helpful. I do warm ups and cool downs before and after playing, I'm just very concerned about tendinitis or repetitive stress injuries.

Thanks for the help.

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You forgot to mention the what solar system you're in (Sol) in your location.
And I have no idea I don't remember that ever happening to me but I assume you should just keep on practicing them and as you get better at them you will also get more relaxed.
Use as little tension as possible to ring out every string and make them sustain until they fade out.

If that's the issue, the change your hand position: lower, higher, thumb dropped, thumb over the top - find a position that gets you the chord ringing out well and that is comfortable for YOU. What works for, might not work for you. Take some time to find how your hands can play those and sustain the notes.
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