Hi there,
New here, and I would like to know how much would be a fair selling price for this guitar. All I know is that it is a Kona Electric Guitar. It is out of tune, and missing the low E string. It was played 3 times and then I put it away. I do not have a case for it.
Here are some pictures.

Thank you.
i think the cheapest "fender" guitar that you can buy at BestBuy or Target would be about 70 or 80 - and it would be new with all it's strings.
about $30

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i would say 60$ if you put strings and tuned it....

Also make it look purdy and people might want it more
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the space that that pos is wasting in ur house?
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"a guitar costs, idk, $20 more" if you give him the whammy.... or he can just whammy without a whammy...........................................................
Its a pretty rare guitar, id say in the upper thousands
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get a job. keep this guitar for the lulz. those 30-50 dollars you get wound really help you to get a new decent guitar

$50 bucks with a new set of strings.
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Paint it all black and get a black pickup cover to put over the humbucker, and tell some kid that it has EMG's and that it's the most BR0000TAL guitar in the world. Tell him that he doesn't need high e's cuz leads or for emos and all he needs are power chords.

Probably could squeeze a few hundered from the kids mom. LOL

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