It's a DK2M with HSC going for $425.

I've played this guitar plenty of times at Long+McQuade and I really like it. The only thing holding me back is that I don't like solid colours! I really want a trans finish or one of the swirls.

If I buy it I kow I won't be happy with it just becasue the colour lol So I'm thinking of putting on my own swirls like here http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/swirled.htm

But I'm worried that I might screw up the neck pocket and floyd rose area, how likely is it that can happen?

Buy it and keep it that color. White guitars are nice.
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The paintjob wont mess up your guitar at all, the main issue is painting it in a way you can live with. How confident are you in your ability to refinish instruments? Do you think that the paintjob could go horribly wrong and that it would be uglier than before?

Believe me though, transparent finishes are starting to be overdone nowadays. White is 10x more classy.
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I would leave it alone, but if you want it swirled, I would get a proffesional to do it.
Wow I didn't know so many people really liked white guitars. It just seems so plain. As far as cofidence goes, I've rerouted my guitar and replaced it from singles coils to humbuckers so I'm not scared to take things apart too much. But it's just the neck and trem I'm worried about.

And I'm guessing to get a pro to do a new paint job it will be something like $200 atleast, might as well buy one new lol
White guitars are surprisingly uncommon. In a day, I would see 3 transfinish guitars. In a week I would see 1 white guitar. If you think it is plain, most people who like plain guitars usually go with black, they get blue or red if feeling adventurous.

Transfinishes are REALLY starting to get overdone.
Squier frankenbass
LTD Deluxe EC-1000 in Vintage Black
1960's Banjuke