thats pretty sick
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there is two main steps:

1. use google
2. repeat the first step
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Are you using a talkbox? It sounds awesome.

thanks man, and i'm actually using a built in effect on my amp called flanger, and i added some reverb too.
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bump, anymore feedback?

Don't bump your own thread. People will report you if you do.. Instead, go to somebody else's thread and give them comments. Then ask for them to return the favor. They will gladly do so, as long as you do the same when people ask you. Also don't go posting lame comments like "that was ok" and expect people to give nice constructive criticism on your song in return.. It's all about giving and returning favors read the sticky on top of the forum for the rules on this..

Ok? I will now crit your song if you crit mine in return..

Hi again,

Well done, this is something I didn't hear before and I like it.. Tone is essential when you try to pull off something like this and I really liked yours the hint of flanger really adds to it! How did you record this? With a mic or direct?
I recommend getting a footswitch for the flanger though, it will make switching the effects on and off a lot more comfortable
Overall, the playing and tone were very nice, I liked it! Cheers

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Great tone man, and very good playing. Would recommend getting a foot pedal so you don't have to use your hands to switch tones lol. Keep it up man!