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The other day I was standing in line at a spot-a-pot. The line was like half an hour long. I noticed that the line was growing longer and longer as I waited in line.

If there is a line of people waiting to go into a spot-a-pot, and there is more people going into the line for the spot-a-pot than coming out, and this goes on forever, are there some people that will never get to use the bathroom?

Assume that people can live forever and that the spot-a-pot never fills up.
Yes, because the universe will end before the people far enough back use it.

Assuming that doesn't happen, nope.

weak thread.
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add that:
No it won't go on forever. Eventually people will get tired of waiting and resort to some other method.

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No. Everyone gets to go eventually, it just takes a while.

The wait is longer the later you join the line.
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Yeah everyone will eventually get to use it but It would just take a long time
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...what's a spot-a-pot?
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Unless of course gentlemen, the bathroom facilities explode and cover the crowd with excrement and sadness.
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The longer the line, the longer the last person will have to wait, but nobody will wait forever, therefore never get to use the bathroom.
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The longer the line, the longer the last person will have to wait, but nobody will wait forever, therefore never get to use the bathroom.

*waiting for gray matter to spread across my monitor*

seriously...instead of waiting find another place to do your business
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I'm going to say that some people wont get to use the washroom, my reason is that there are infinitely many people in line so you can also imagine one person waiting to get in line but can't because there are infinitely many people who are ahead of him to get in line.
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