The RG350EX and the RG4EXFM1.

These guitars seem like a nice step up, but they both have the Edge III, which I heard are terrible. I want to get a Schaller Floyd Rose, so I'd like to know if that'll fit in either/both of these guitars.

Also, how good are the Schallers to begin with? A few problems with my strat is that it, of course, goes out of tune with heavy abuse. And then there's the bar itself. First, I screwed up the part were it screws in, so I couldn't screw it in. Then, once I got that fixed, the bar itself broke. So, do the Schallers keep in tune really good with heavy use, and how strong are the bars?

I'm not going to be getting anything soon, but I would like to know.
I guess that helps, but are the Schallers the same size as the Originals? I don't really have the money for an Original...