dose scott stapp (creed vocalist) play guitar because ive never seen him play at live shows but on his myspace it shows him with his collection of gibsons
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I got a black Les Paul, and this Texan told me it wasn't as good as other color guitars becuse it was a 'nigger.'

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can anyone tell me how i get a tone similar to what avril lavigne uses in skater boy please?
Who cares, he's awful.
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The Pit is a reliable source of information
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My penis is tough. My penis is elite.
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I like Luigi.

His cock is maximum.

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He prayed he could.....and God made it so

Seriously though I have no idea, I hate him
Who cares, he got beat up by 311 for being an a-hole.
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A few years a ago, I played with it alot and got my time down to 42 secs. Right now, I'm probably around a 55 sec average.
I would much rather feed mypenis to a family of fire ants, stab multiple orphaned children and burn my amplifier than listen to this mother****er.

personal opinion of course
Goodnight Sweet Prince

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do you know where i can find the tabs?


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I'm 14 not a troll....