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17 31%
25 45%
Tried it a few times but still mostly no
13 24%
Voters: 55.
...in front of a mirror?

I've recently started practicing in front of a mirror and I've got to say, it helped tremendously with my picking hand technique. Been playing for 2 years btw. I find that the mirror makes me more conscious of keeping my hand steady instead of flailing around. Along w/ that, it also helps me see how well I am isolating the tiny wrist movements needed to go faster.
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I've found that with my bass playing. I've gotten a lot better since I started playing in front of a mirror, it makes it so much easier to see what I'm doing right/wrong. Plus, it helps me to stop making stupid faces while playing. Which I do a lot
For me, playing in front of a mirror just became a habit. I used to practice martial arts all the time in front of the mirror, I've always felt strange playing guitar in front of it, but if I'm standing up, I have to now.
im always afraid if i practice guitar in front of a mirror that someone will see me and then proceed to never let me live it down.
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nope. but sometimes i put my strap on, and start rocking out in front of the mirror, just to admire my own amazing greatness.
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nope. but sometimes i put my strap on, and start rocking out in front of the mirror, just to admire my own amazing greatness.

Hahah, I might sig that

Hmmm... I don't personally practice in front of a mirror, but it seems to be getting pretty positive feedback. Maybe I'll try.
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how else are you supposed to figure out if you rock poses are awesome or not?
Always. I started this habit 3-4 years ago. It was a Steve Vai lesson in some magazine I read. He said that its good to do it to make sure your hands look comfortable etc when practicing. I think its also good for picking because you can make sure your arm is moving between strings, and your wrist is doing the picking etc.
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...in front of a mirror?

Yep, sometimes. Like you, it helps me pay attention to my picking hand, and what you mentioned about wrist movement, especially when speed picking now that I don't anchor.

It also makes me realise how cool I actually look.
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your hands supposed to flail around, its rock n roll
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just started yester day. im starting to look at my piccking cuz im using my arm ... so im starting to use my wrist and im going so slow, its so hard to get rid of this bad habbit.
In regards to the wrist movements ive been practicing in front of a mirror and i can't really tell if i'm doing excessive movements. it doesn't really seem very excessive and my pickings getting around 160 16th notes BPM on one string at a time. Anyway, i use a thick 3.5mm stubby dunlop pick, the small and purple one, it feels as if im gliding over the string and im always touching it. it kinda dampens how loud i am but it feel as if im going faster. is that how its supposed to be when your playing really fast?
I do sometimes, like when I'm practicing performing for a gig, and also to improve my technique.
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I do sometimes, to check posture/poses
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