okay, so i used to have my schecter guitar set up in drop C with the medium/heavy ernie ball strings... but recently have changed it back to standard because i got a better guitar for the lows...
i put the second lightest strings on it.. of course i figured it needed some adjustments but the weirdest thing... the only fret that buzzes on the entire thing is the 8th fret on the D string, that's it. and it didn't buzz before i changed the strings.

i've tried truss rod adjustment, bridge height (on the part that also has the intonation adjustment little guys on it.. idk what adjusting the other bridge part would do.

oh and my guitar has a tune-o-matic bridge

what do you think the problem is..?
Look at your guitar very carefully while plucking the string =P.

It might by the excess string on the tuner
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