Just put together a video to promote the project I've got in the works, which I'll be hunting for members for at the beginning of next year. There are a selection of 3 parts from different songs in the vid. All recordings were done at home.

Have a look and show ya friends if you like what you hear

"Tria Mera is coming" Promo Video:
Higher Quality Version here:

The thread for the newest song, "Waiting for destruction" can be found here:

Crit for crit?
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Dude thats bad ass. That song had me moshing to my fridge while I was on my way for another beer .
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****in a man.... nice i wanna hear more... if your band has a myspace add me www.myspace.com/bleedsnomore
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That was great, I really love that main guitar riff and the bass was vibrating my headphones like crazy. Also that little part at the end where it went soft left me wanting to hear the rest.

thanks alot guys! i just put a link to the same video on the myspace video player, seeing as its got better video/sound quality
haha thats a cool vid :P good job with that..should get peoples attention
keep up the awesome work