I'm gonna be tossing in a new neck pickup soon, but if I want to put it in, I'd have to remove all the strings to get at the work site. Would this cause unwanted neck bow or tension problems, etc.?
Not unless you leave it that way for a really, really long time.

So, no, you'll be fine.
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Quote by Bristlehead

have you ever changed your stings before?

Not everyone takes off all the strings to replace them. You'd be surprised how many people change them one at a time.
If strings once put on a guitar had to stay on so not to damage a guitar. Then it would be impossible to paint a guitar or do any sort of work to many of em. Not sure where this theory that taking the strings of will make a guitar explode. I had the strings off a neck thru for close to 2 years. Put em back on made a few adjustments and no problems.