Hello Pit, just want to know how many of you own Airsoft guns, BB Guns, Pellet Guns etc.

Just been thinking of buying one of the pistol variety and would like your opinions and recommendations.
36 of us do.
I'd say get a pellet hand gun. Those things are always cool.
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Anything above fifteen bucks kills. Just make sure it's from a decent brand.

I played for the first time about a week ago and it's good fun. Hurts like hell somethings, but it's worth it.
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I have one , I think it shoots at like 400fps. It prety fun indoors. I havent broken to much stuff with it.
first try out the pistol. if u like it a lot then get a cheap-ish electric rifle, they own. i got an echo-1 mp5 for around 100-150 bucks and its really good.
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I've got two.

Pistol and small AK-47.

Went to a tournament once, saw this guy that had an extension for his rifle that shot about 30-50 plastic BBs in one shot at a very high rate of speed. It was CO2 powered I believe.

One guy got shot almost point blank and got hit with all of them. He had a lot of welts.

If you just want it for fun, you can get a pistol and target and BBs for less than 30$

If you're serious about competing, investing several hundred dollars would make you a worthy opponent. The guys with the best gear usually win.
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Theirs a pretty big difference between an airsoft gun and a pellet gun. I've killed quite a few squirrels in my day with my pellet gun. Airsoft guns don't hurt too badly and are fun as hell as long as you have friends to play with.
I have a spring powered shotgun that shoots I believe 380 fps. I also have an electric powered AK-47 that has a decent fps but not sure the exact. I also had a m83 electric powered which had a decent fps also. Don't buy the plastic shotguns though . They are very cheap but break easily. I also had two small pistols which were good for backup but jammed often. I'd recommend the spring shotgun though. The electric AK is also a great gun. If you want high speed though go for gas, which I don't know to much about.
I've got one of these cheap Wal-mart dealies.

I've only shot at a sign with it. Never really used it.
I'm sorry, but I believe that airsoft guns are the most retarded things ever.

Yes, I just came here to say that.
yea airsoft guns are great
you get very good snipers for ~90$ (jg bar-10 trust me)
i have a sniper a crosman shotgun and a dboys m4a1(very nice)
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graphs. graphs always work. my old work place had an awesome printer, so i was constantly making graphs.

that was until i made a graph of how much my boss pissed me off. but seriously dude, graphs.
I have a 9mm that i keep beside my bed and a bb pump that i use to pest in my yard because i have to many people living nearby to shoot anything more powerful.
I have a garbage spring pistol that can't do shit and a pretty good M4A1 electric rifle.
I have a fully automatic M-16 that is very reliable, but it cost me $80. It shoots 16 pellets per second at approximately 375 fps. It's a great gun, but I only use it for tactical training, I don't see why you would need one for fun, paintball would be way better.
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I have a JG M4A1 and I really like it. I picked mine up from airsoftgi.com for $125 I think.
If you're looking to just shoot stuff/people every now and then, and just mess around with your friends, they can be great fun. But if you are actually wanting to go play a lot, or you buy one and think it's really fun, you should try paintball. Airsoft is fun, but paintball is just amazing. I'm usually out at the field every other weekend, and I've played in a lot of big games and a couple of tournaments.

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You'll shoot your eye out, kid.

Also, this. I know it's from A Christmas Story, but please, if you're shooting at people, please have everyone wearing some kind of airsoft mask/goggles. Hell, even if you're target shooting it'd be good to wear some goggles, I've had BB's bounce back and hit me. Getting shot in the face from an airsoft gun hurts like a bitch, I couldn't imagine getting shot in the eye with one. If it didn't make you blind, it would definitely do some serious damage.

And if you take my advice and go paintballing (DO IT! ) ALWAYS wear a mask. The janitor at my school got his eye shot out because he took his mask off in a game. A kid at my local field got his nose broken after he took his mask off. If you need further convincing, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8sVGw4UWCE

Wear your masks!
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