Since i dont really trust liscenced floyds, i've been looking at a dean stealth(2 tone)
and it looks real nice... but if i got it, i would want to basically can everything but they body/neck/stringplate
I'm just wonderin at how much this would run me, and where i could get certain aftermarket parts from...

Dean Stealth - ~$900
EMG 81(bridge) ~$100
EMG 85(neck) ~$100
New TOM Bridge - ?
New Locking Tuners - ?
Strap Locks - ?
Bone Nut - ? also, where can i order a good one from?

theres also installation for the pickups... i cant solder...

I'm just tryin to look at what i'm gettin at here
I don't know how much all that will cost, but I guarantee you there is something better out there for how much you'll pay for all that.
I'd say look for a different guitar that comes with EMGs and is better than a Dean. At that price you shouldn't even need to worry about a new bridge or tuners. Straplocks may cost around $25-30. Not sure about the bone nut.
just buy a better guitar in the first place?
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