I've been playing guitar everyday, fiddeling around with learning a few songs, scales, techniques, and just jamming. I have heard from several people that occasionally when you feel like your in a slump when it comes to improving or thinking of new ideas, it helps to take a week or so break from guitar. Does anyone take the occasional breaks from guitar on purpose to help reset your brain? thoughts?
Oh definitely.

I took a semester of celibacy from my electric guitars for a while when I studied classical guitar in a failed attempt at college. Did wonders for my inspiration when i came back to it.
You need to take brakes... I always practise two days, rest for 1day, than practise again. Your brain and muscles need it in order to recuperate and improve. Original thoughts almost aways occur when NOT playing the guitar anyways
The 3P's of playing guitar... Practise, practise and ...persistence
don't go with this dude's routine ^
one thing's taking breaks (which is necessary at times), and another is not being serious about playing guitar, and not doing it half the week.
^/^^ I think that's a reasonable routine. If you add up 2 on 1 off, you do get 5 days a week ( a reasonable amount) alternating with 4 days (not quite enough imo). So I guess I disagree with RCalisto on the 5 days weeks, and agree with him on the 4 day weeks.
I think 6 days a week is ideal, or if you are going to practice 7 most weeks, at least have a day which is less intense.