Wow! I really like your playing! Well played.. One thing though, your guitar was tuned slightly too low, you can tell by the backing synth and the harmonies in the solo part.. But it's not a big issue because your playing is flawless and makes up for it!
Your tone is amazing too.. I wouldn't be surprised if you were playing a JEM?
Overall, I'd say you played great, only too bad of the tuning issue..

Care to crit my Vai cover? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=966595
And if you want, you can check out my other records in my profile too..

Hi ZeG, thanks for the comment. Yeah I wish I had sorted that out, I was having issues with the backing track changing tempo and by the time I got it all working I just started recording and didn't re-tune. Oops, that shows what a lazy arse I am

I wasn't playing a JEM just my trusty old Patrick Eggle Berlin Stage into my BB+ and into my Vox AD50VT.
Wow. Great playing man. It's very hard song but I didn't hear any mistakes. Perfect playing. Timing is good. Bends and legato are nicely done. ANd you got a great tone man.


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