I haven't seen a thread like this before and I'm generally curious. Post photos of the deodorant that you use and a reason why.

I've been using Lynx Dry for about 3 months now, been the best i've ever used. Summers coming so im wondering how it will hold up.

I use the roll-on version for at home and keep the spray with me in my school bag.
For those who care.
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and deo is no perfume, though real men do use perfume. I like using Ferrari Passion (commercial, but really good) or Boss perfumes.
^ that looks like the deodorant on the bilboards in tomclancy rainbow six vegas two........
but i use dove green tea and cucumber. smells purdy and works.
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Why spend like 30 € or whatever on a deodorant when you can buy one for much less? As long as it keeps the smell away I don't care what brand I use.
nivea dry impact ... thats the only way to roll
it actually stops you from sweating
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and deo is no perfume, though real men do use perfume. I like using Ferrari Passion (commercial, but really good) or Boss perfumes.

That would be called COLOGNE.

I use Old Spice Red Zone (SHOW TIME FLAVOR!).
Can't find a picture.
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You noob, nothern hemisphere is where it's at. Summer belongs in july/august. Get a CALENDER.
Who uses spray deoderant? Jesus you guy's have a lot to learn.
I don't remember what mine's called though, I think it's blue. Anyways, it smells good.
And don't use antiperspirant, it gives you cancer.

S hit, I just remembered I wanted to move to Australia...
...Irony wins the day.
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This because i like the smell and it lasts a helluva lot longer than the spray and also doesn't stink up the entire city.

I use some sort of axe dry for the same reasons, don't know if it's that exact same one though.
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By the way, if you use spray you're an obnoxious tool.

God, I hate it when some fucking idiot decides to spray axe in the hallways.
Arm and hammer, cheap and its the best I've ever used, including all the overpriced axe and tag and whatnot
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