This started about 3 months ago and I've been to the doctor quite a few times. At first, there was a constant pain in my knee, he gave me some painkillers which didn't help a bit. The pain went away then it came back so I got an X-ray. Nothing was wrong except there was just a bit more fluid between the joints than usual and he said that it'd go away on its own, now it's been like 3 months and I don't have the constant pain but my left knee is weak!

There's a sick, cracking-like noise when I stretch my leg or stand up. When I stand up, I have to use my right leg and then support it with my left leg or else it'll hurt. And when I'm kneeling it hurts...don't know if it's just me but I think my left knee cap feels 'looser' than my right one
I have the same problem. You need to strength the knee. Your knee cap is what holds everything in place and the tendons that hold the knee cap are loose. You need to strengthen them. Go talk to a physical therapist they will be able to help you out!!! Ice should be you best friend right now!
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my lefty is like that. nothing really wrong but hurts when i have it bent for a while (10 minutes maybe) and stretch it out. i keep telling myself its early arthritis and just go on. possibly the same thing with you?
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it sounds like u just have to much fluid around your knee joint and tendon. my mom has it u can't really do much the pain should die down, u can ge the fluid sucked off your knee but it just come's back. go to the docter every so offen to just see how your knee is doing. i have ****ed u knee's to just i have tendinitis and osgood slaughters. look it up i'm to lazy to put definitions
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it may require something along the lines of an MRI, there may be cartilage or muscles torn in the knee that the x-ray's can't pick up.
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it may require something along the lines of an MRI, there may be cartilage or muscles torn in the knee that the x-ray's can't pick up.

this could be it also. there just to much that could be wrong with it.

i 2nd knew doctor
the problem is the cartlidge around your knee has worn thin... this stuff is like a cushion between ur bones and without it it hurts like hell so dude go to ur chemist and get a small thing of GLUCOSAMINE it helps to build up the cartlidge.....

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That's like what my Grandma's does, except hers has a ton of fluid in it. She is in major need of knee replacement surgery. I'd go to another doctor for a second opinion.
your knee alignment has probably gone out of whack. When you walk do your feet go outwards and you ankle roll inwards? Then you may need to go see a podiatrist and get some orthodics for your feet. And in the mean time you need to go see a physio to help you get your inner thigh muscle strengthened again in order to pull your knee alignment back into place.