I know how to change the settings on an ipod to make sure that iTunes does not automatically add and delete songs from your iPod so that you can keep your music when you plug your iPod into a friends computer, but that tick-box isn't available. I'm trying to put some songs on my sisters iPod shuffle for her and there is no tick-box that says 'manage my music myself' or whatever it says to stop iTunes deleting your music when you sync your iPod with another computer. Anyone know how to get that box back or manually manage music if the box isn't there?

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Well, if you use a program called Senuti, you can take the music off your iPod and put it on a different computer.
I used it when my old computer died, and I had no music left, so I copied the music from my iPod onto my new computer.
I'm not sure if that'd be useful for you though.
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