Some of you might (hopefully) remember this, I posted it a while ago, and whilst I was quite happy with it, it never really felt finished. So, having spent another month or so fiddling with it, here's the new version.

This is basically inspired heavily by Symphony X and Dream Theater, although there are hints of BTBAM, Nightwish and some other bands that influence me throughout. It's in the key of F minor for the most part with a lot of harmonic minor usage as well for that dark, evil kind of feel.

Anyway it's pretty much finished, but I'd still like to know if the transitions into the outro and chorus 2 seem ok as I'm undecided.

C4C as always (I give detailed responses )
Can't say I liked it that much, however the interlude was done really well. Along with the little bit of Zak influence, I can actually hear it.

The transitions into chorus 2 and the outro are perfectly fine.

I love what you do bringing that harp part back in for the interlude and outro, it works really well. It reminds me of a song off No World For Tommorow, of which the name escapes me.
I loved it man. Every solo sounded perfect to me and came in at the right moment
The pre verse was cool, I didn't really like the verse it lead into but I always find verses boring in GP cuz of the no vocals lol. The chorus kinda sounded like another verse to me, it'd be nice if there was a lead part to it. The 2nd solo was great, no problems with that.
Of course the interlude was great hah, I'm never disappointed by an interlude for some reason haha. The Zak influence sounded too much like his song, unless that's what you wanted. Beautiful outro, everything was well done man. I just wasn't a BIG fan on the verses/chorus but a 9/10
Nice to see you finished this one I haven´t been critting much in the last weeks because of the lack of new interresting songs, but this is one of a kind, I like it a lot. The Bass intro is nice, creates an interresting feel for an intro. The guitarwork is nice, you olayed just at the point, not too much and not too less. Solo sounds nice, and so does the Pre-Verse, very athmospheric feel. Love the Transition into the Verse, and the start of the Verse. Actually, the doublebass work suits the song in there. Do you personally play drums? The Pre-Chorus is a bit too, I dunno, but it has this Symphony X feel in it. At parts it sounded great, and at parts I didn´t know what to think of it. Transition into the Verse is nice, tho. Pre-Chorus, again, same as before, nice thing alternating the open hihat with the crashes. I didn´t know what to think about the chorus, I´m kinda not a fan of it, but it was well written, just a bit too much doublebass and dissonance for my liking. Bridge was nice, tho. Nice bass fills in there. I can´t say anything bad about the solo, just that the drum change comes in too quick, it´d be better to smoothen the transition a bit. Interlude bit was very nice, calm feel . Solo had nice Melody lines in there, liked the harmonisation a lot. The lick at 178 is nice, too. Melodic section, nice where you went with it The Zak influenced part was great, too. And damn, The Pre Chorus 2 was great. Love the melodies Then here comes the chorus again. I expected to get a big epic chorus in there, with big melodies, but the other one was okay, too. Very well constructed outro, great stuff. Overall, this song had a very strong Symphony X feel, imo. I liked it a lot, 9.5/10. You will hear from me for C4C.
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Most likely the best thing I've heard on UG! (Been here longer than my reg. date)
The solos are perfect, riffs too, the timing is superb, all transitions are very smooth and thought through.

The only negative thing I hear is the part verse 1 up to solo 2 which gets a bit repetative after a while, but maybe there's supposed to be vocals there, would be even more awesome then!

Don't know about Dream Theater, but I definately hear alot of Symphony X influences in this peice, which is great, cause it's a great band!
If I remember correctly, I liked the first version of it, and the finished work is astounding. I loved pretty much all of it
All the solos and melodies were in the right place and sounded perfect. If you were to ever record this, I would pay to hear it man, well done. As a big Symphony X fan, I can hear the influences a lot, especially on the guitar sound of things, and whats good is that it's not a rip off of Symphony X's style.


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not bad, not bad =p

i'm glad you kept the end solo, cos that's one of the best endings i've heard

not 100% about the zak part but it still sounds good

apart from that, exactly what i said about the previous version

you should record this somehow - cos that would be amazing =]


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I'm a pretty big fan of both bands and I too could see some hints of them coming though. I thought the song was amazing, definitley one of the best Ive ever heard. Im trying to think of something wrong with it lol. Maybe make solo 2 a little bit longer I felt like it just got started when it ended, thats just me though I like solo . Overall awesome job, hope to hear another one from you!